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Euro Press


Possessed with the sort of falsetto Texan twang you can only be born with..

Flyin Shoes

 With a continuous thread of superb instrumental work and well crafted songs run through the album the listener can’t help but be compelled to repeatedly press, the repeat button! It is that good a record.

Keys & Chords

Country music and honky tonk in their purest forms, an excellent album for fans of old style country, a beautiful release.

Lonesome Highway

Overall there is a set of different musical directions here that are pulled together by Emily Herring’s striking vocals and the overall collective playing, Emily Herring continues to glide and soar.


In the daytime, Emily Herring is working as an automechanic, but in the evenings she is transforming into an exquisite singer songwriter of honky tonk and country tunes, her 4th album ’Gliding’ with 3 covers and 7 of her own compositions shows that she has a very bright future in the contemporary world of these popular music styles.

Nomination for Best Female Outlaw Artist