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Country Music People

"5 Stars! I tell you right now that this album is going to be in my top 10 of the Year... a delicious undercurrent of Outlaw running through a selection of swing, heartbreak, introspection and damn good fun... "

Glide Magazine

"If there’s one takeaway from Gliding – besides Herring’s true talent as a songwriter – it’s her ability to embody all of the things that make Texas music so special."

Saving Country Music

If you walked into a bar and heard the voice and songs of Emily Herring emanating from the stage, you very well might find yourself affixed your next favorite artist.

The Boot

"Herring shows that she’s honed her blend of Western swing, Americana, “gypsy jazz” and classic hard country influences into something that is equal parts unique and reverent of the past."

Turnstyled Junkpiled Magazine

"Herring is able to seamlessly transition between foot stomping dance hall tunes to barroom ballads... she delivers a sentiment and reference, authentic to her art, attitude and the emotion behind every word she sings."

Country Exclusive

It’s something all its own, and yet it’s more traditional than many records released this year.

KUTX (Austin Public Radio)

Real-deal, tried and true country and western. A solid mix of traditional country, Southern blues, western swing, and a bit of Tejano in there. Marty Robbins would be proud. 

Maverick Magazine

"Five stars- Startlingly good and why we love country music"

CMT 'The Edge'

Your Mistake features sharp songwriting and buoyant melodies throughout. Detailed narratives guide the journey. “I make my home down in San Marcos, where I count my tips at the Triple Crown,” she sings on “Austin (Ain’t Got No) City Limits” against bouncy Western swing. “You best find a quiet seat if you’re down at Cheatham Street watching them pass that mic around.” Amen. Now, pass the tip jar.

No Depression

I fell for her ice-cold honky-tonk songwriting almost immediately. She sings with such confidence, and nails hard-lived country songwriting like nobody's business. And she gets the culture of Texas dancehalls too. "Your Mistake" could be a barroom classic pretty much anywhere.

The Portland Mercury

Herring twangs, plucks, and warbles like country singers of yore, gun-slingin' her guitar with a clear-headed progressive attitude and the "don't-mess-with-me" swagger of a true outlaw. Her brand of homegrown country pickin' defines America not just for the Red Staters, but for every single one of us.

Ink 19 Magazine

"Emily Herring weaves songs out of a bluesy country fabric that is so much a part of Central Texas. In a sea of sound-alike singer/songwriters, Herring demands to be heard."

Nomination for Best Female Outlaw Artist